Supplemental Services

At Structure House, we pride ourselves in offering a customized program for each individual who is entrusted into our care. The staff at Structure House strives to empower participants to learn how to become their own authority around their health and well-being over time, while using our evidence-based approaches as a springboard from which they can determine what works best for their unique preferences and needs.

We offer personalized program modules that are led by licensed clinical psychologists, and licensed social workers, who have specialized training and expertise in the specific areas being addressed. These highly-skilled staff members are available to help participants make progress in their area of choice so that their time spent at Structure House can be viewed as one that is comprehensive and allows them to reach all of their identified goals. The personalized program modules that are currently offered at Structure House include the following:

Career Counseling Show More Show Less

Qualified professionals work with participants in order to help them develop a positive plan for outlining future career goals. These plans focus on assisting individuals in defining their career ambitions or in determining what direction their career paths will take. While exploring their roles in the careers they currently have, or in the prospective roles that they wish to one day have, individuals are also able to discover how those roles will interact with or impede upon other areas of their life. During these sessions, therapists also work with participants in order to determine ways in which to best manage those interactions in a healthy and positive manner. 

Smoking Cessation Show More Show Less

For individuals who wish to receive assistance in putting an end to their smoking habit, Structure House is pleased to offer our Smoking Cessation Program. With specially trained professionals guiding participants through this program, individuals can learn the tools they need to overcome their compulsion to smoke, receive support in becoming and remaining smoke-free, and become educated on ways to prevent relapse. 

Life Goals Therapy Show More Show Less

In order to help participants establish initiatives for their futures, Structure House offers Life Goals Therapy. Within this type of therapy, men and women are challenged to examine their hopes and ambitions for the direction of their lives. Our staff of professionals is dedicated to helping participants to look beyond their current goals while at Structure House and establish attainable aspirations long after receiving treatment. We believe that this type of invaluable treatment is crucial for participants as they lay the foundation for long, healthy, and prosperous lives in which nothing is impossible. 

Psychiatric Consultation Show More Show Less

Psychiatric consultations can be scheduled for participants who are currently taking medications or who believe they may benefit from the implementation of medications in order to alleviate the presence of any distressing symptoms that may be a challenge. 

Individual Therapy Show More Show Less

Individual therapy sessions are designed to be a time for participants to meet one-to-one with a licensed clinical psychologist or a licensed clinical social worker. These sessions are held on an as-desired basis and are meant to provide participants with a time to discuss any concerns they have, track their progress in treatment, and confront any setbacks that may arise. 

Emotional/Binge-Eating Module Show More Show Less

The Bridge Program is a specialty program that was designed to help men and women who struggle with binge-eating and emotional overeating, both of which are common contributors to weight gain. This scientifically-based program offers a unique treatment experience that will assist participants in achieving their desired healthy weight loss and management while also addressing their binge-eating and emotional overeating behaviors. 

Diabetes Module Show More Show Less

This program provides participants with innovative treatment options in order to help promote long-term, effective diabetes control. Experts in this program work with individuals in order to assist them in restoring and maintaining their physical and emotional health. Through nutritional counseling, medical care with a Certified Diabetes Educator, and individual sessions with a Duke-affiliated endocrinologist, participants can learn how to better manage their diabetes. 

Additionally, participants are able to receive one-on-one support from our registered dietitians, certified massage therapists, fitness experts, clinical psychologists, and our team of medical professionals at any time during their stay at Structure House.

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