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Seasonal Weight Loss Programs & Add-Ons

Structure House is glad to offer seasonal programming and add-ons to further promote and encourage healthy habits. These seasonal options are available for a limited time and include exclusive activities and opportunities to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Spring Forward Program

Learn about our Spring Forward weight loss program.

This innovative opportunity is available to all Structure House alumni and is designed to promote healthy habits and encourage you to increase your activity level. Benefits include accountability coaching, online support services, and connections with a community of others who are working toward similar successes. This program also comes with additional discounts for those who choose to stay with us on campus! The deadline for enrollment is March 29. Learn more about Spring Forward at Structure House.

Summer of Fun Add-On

Learn about the Summer of Fun Add-On in Durham, NC.

This add-on package provides supplemental support to help you meet your wellness goals during the summer break! Participants who are enrolled in our on-campus services can elect to add the Summer of Fun package to their Structure House experience. So, if you want even more support during your time at Structure House, you’ll love the variety of additional recreational and off-campus activities and events offered in this supplemental program. We recommend this program for anyone who would benefit from access to additional fitness opportunities and connecting with peers within a small group. Learn more about Summer of Fun at Structure House.

The thing that most appealed to me about Structure House was that it dealt with behavioral and medical issues too.

– Sally

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