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Over 35 Years of Healthy and Long-Term Weight Loss

Residential Program

We can help with your weight related issues and disorders. Start your weight-loss program today.

Bridge Program

Binge eating is a disorder that can be managed. Let our expert staff help you create a treatment plan.

Diabetes Program

Diabetes affects your health, weight and way of life. Our diabetes program can help.

Success Stories

"Many thanks to the staff and the Structure House Program for bringing me back to life again. I am so grateful every single day."
~Ashley W.

Welcome to Structure House.

At Structure House, we recognize that making any type of lifestyle change can be challenging. We applaud your bravery in seeking out ways in which you can change your life for the better, and we are grateful that you are considering Structure House.

Here at Structure House, we are devoted to ensuring that powerful and dynamic changes take place in the lives of all who are entrusted into our care. By placing an emphasis on behavior modification and applying it to the long-term so that participants can achieve weight loss success, our highly-trained and qualified staff will do everything in their power to help clients experience a true sense of happiness while significantly improving their overall health. Regardless of which program an individual chooses to participate in, whether it is our weight loss program, our diabetes program, or our binge-eating program, each participant can rest assured that he or she will receive highly individualized care that is catered to meet his or her specific needs, goals, and existing skills set.

A life-changing opportunity awaits you at Structure House. Do not continue to fight the battle against weight gain on your own. Our knowledgeable admissions coordinators have experience supporting individuals who are seeking a healthy lifestyle and are available to provide free, personal, private consultations and screenings. If you or your loved one is in need of treatment for weight concerns, as well as any potential co-occurring disorders, look no further than Structure House. We want to help you get your life back on track.