Binge Eating Recovery Program

The Bridge Module is an optional add-on package that provides treatment for men and women (18 and older) who struggle with the dual problems of excess weight and Binge Eating Disorder (BED) or emotional/compulsive overeating. Our approach is designed to address both individuals’ need to restore their body to a healthy, comfortable weight while helping them address the disordered behaviors, beliefs, and related emotional and social difficulties that co-occur with binge eating.

structurehouse-content-healthymealThe aim of the Bridge Module is to provide additional psychotherapeutic and nutritional support for those wanting to ensure that binge/emotional eating is specifically addressed during their treatment at Structure House. Our core program is designed to provide behavioral, nutrition, health, and physical activity education and counseling that incorporates concepts, tools, and interventions that are beneficial for those struggling with binge and emotional eating. Yet, some may wish to explore these concerns more thoroughly, tailor strategies to their unique struggles and circumstances, and enlist greater support for recovering from these distressing eating patterns as they make healthy lifestyle changes.

Participants can elect to add the Bridge Module to any week of a Structure House visit. Each week that a participant adds the Bridge Module will include the following services offered by our therapists and dietitians:

  • 50-minute therapy session personalized to address the underlying experiences and/or coping skills identified as most beneficial for each participant as they work to reduce and eliminate binge/emotional eating
  • 25-minute individual nutrition counseling session to identify a nutrition plan and approach to food to help regulate eating habits to support binge eating recovery
  • Specialized class exclusively for those on the Bridge module. These classes blend conceptual learning, practical management of binge eating, and experiential exercises to foster deeper recovery work. Topics and activities rotate weekly and may involve practicing mindful eating, handling trigger foods, using mindfulness and mind/body techniques to manage emotions, or using self-compassion to cope with difficult experiences, emotions, and self-criticism that often trigger overeating.

The cost is $225 per week. Participants can enroll prior to, upon admission, or after consulting with staff to determine whether the Bridge Module would be beneficial.