Extended Stay Weight Loss Program

Over the decades that Structure House has been helping individuals, we have developed a variety of ways for participants to utilize our program, both on campus and off. We recognize that the road to physical and emotional health is different for everyone and there is no single timeline that works for all. For those who have more complex needs we offer an Extended Stay option beyond the four-week Core Program. All meals, classes, groups, accommodation, and fitness offerings will be included in the extended stay.

Participants may choose to extend their stay on campus in 3 month increments up to a total of 9 months of continuous on-campus participation, pending clinical review and approval. This option is suitable for participants who have significant medical needs or excess weight impacting their functioning that requires extra time to address in a supervised setting. Additionally, this option is appropriate for those who are undergoing major lifestyle and/or emotional transitions who would benefit from being in a supportive environment.

structurehouse-content-livingroomandkitchenWe understand that making lasting changes to eating or exercise habits involves repeated practice in order to modify unhealthy patterns and begin to establish new, healthy ones. Our Extended Stay option gives participants the opportunity to practice these new habits over a longer period of time, which can help them to re-pattern their thoughts and behaviors to support a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, longer stays help individuals remain accountable and supported while they are working on developing the behaviors that are critical for long-term success, such as self-monitoring, stress management, health-supportive eating patterns, consistent physical activity, and healthy lifestyle routines.

Within the final three weeks of a 3-month extended visit, participants will be prompted in writing to schedule an Extended Stay check-in (no additional charge) with the Clinical Director if they wish to further extend their visit. Prior to the appointment, a confidential treatment review will occur utilizing feedback from relevant treatment and support staff to review:

  • Review the status of the current visit
  • Identify any challenges or needs that should be addressed prior to or during the next extension
  • Provide input to collaboratively update an individual’s treatment plan, or to engage in discharge planning

Those working with a Structure House therapist can update their treatment or discharge plan with their primary therapist. Treatment reviews are not intended to discourage anyone from extending their visit. They are intended to ensure that individuals are utilizing the program in ways that support their goals and are likely to benefit from additional time at Structure House.

Participants who complete 9 months of continuous, on-campus treatment and who would benefit from additional on-campus visits will be welcome to do so following a minimum of 3-months of off-campus living. We find that it is beneficial for participants to practice their new skills at home for a period of time before returning to our campus in order to begin incorporating new lifestyle behaviors into their everyday routines at home and to help identify any areas that may need additional attention.

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