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Number One in Weight Loss

Structure House Voted Number One Weight Loss Plan Among America's Top 10 Healthiest Diets by Health Magazine

For its January/February 2009 issue, Health magazine enlisted the help of a panel of experts to create a list of America’s Top 10 Healthiest Diets. The panel, made up of registered dieticians, clinical nutritionists, authors, professors, and a member of the American Dietetic Association’s board of directors, analyzed more than 60 popular diets to determine which outperformed the others on the basis of nutrition, calorie control, motivation, and activity.

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan received the highest honors, ranking first on the panel’s list, above Weight Watchers, The Best Life Diet, You: On a Diet, The Sonoma Diet, and other well-known weight loss plans. With outstanding scores on every feature of healthy weight loss, obesity expert Tim Church, MD, awarded Structure House an “outstanding!” on its exercise component.  

The program’s motivational components also received enthusiastic support from the panel. “It focuses on the ‘why’ behind overeating,” said registered dietitian Maureen Callahan, “and helps dieters learn to put their lives in balance.”

Health’s senior food and nutrition editor, Frances Largeman-Roth, agreed: “This book takes a holistic approach to weight loss, asking you to fill your life with things other than food—outdoor activities and time with friends and family, for instance.”

Also recognized for its delicious recipes and 30 years of success in treating obese adults at its facility in Durham, N.C., The Structure House Weight Loss Plan won high marks on every factor the panel deemed essential for long-term weight-loss success. Click here to read the entire story in Health magazine.

You can buy The Structure House Weight Loss Plan: Achieve Your Ideal Weight Through a New Relationship with Food and read some of the first chapter on Amazon.

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