It has been the experience and philosophy of Structure House that weight loss is not an event but a journey. We have provided services to tens of thousands of people and currently stay in contact with over 6,000 graduates. In fact, many of our graduates return regularly to continue their journey and remain focused on the challenges that come. If you are one of our graduates, congratulations! It is our commitment to serve and support you over the years as your journey continues.Whether you return to Structure House (in person or not), staying connected is one of the most important tools in long-term success. We have developed several ways for you to participate after completing your initial 4-week visit to Structure House.

Graduate Website

Our graduate website is an excellent way for you to keep in touch with the people you made connections with during your stay, as well as access additional resources that can help your continued success. The graduate website contains the following:

  • Message boards
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Recipes
  • Online food diary

If you are interested in signing up for the site, please send your name, date of birth and address to: If you already have already signed up, you can log in here.

Support Groups

We are dedicated to helping support you, even if you are not on campus! Therefore, we offer support groups around the country for you to attend based on your location. To learn more about these support groups (or to create one of your own), please contact us for more information.

Alumni Programming

We understand that from time to time, you may want to return to Structure House and our goal is to make your visit exciting, powerful and rewarding. All returning alumni receive a one-on-one session with a member of the fitness, nutritional, medical and clinical team to build an individualized plan that will maximize their time. Alumni are able to participate in advanced curriculum offerings on topics such as coping with grief, relapse and recovery, binge eating and more. It may have been some time since your last visit so please call our enrollment team to hear about the exciting changes that have taken place as our program has evolved.

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