Continuing Care Weight Loss Program

Participants often worry about their ability to sustain their healthy weight management behaviors after leaving the on-campus program, and this concern is normal and appropriate. Research has clearly demonstrated that individuals who sustain weight losses and health behavior change over extended periods of time engage in various kinds of ongoing support after they initially adopt a new lifestyle. At Structure House, we offer a variety of options to help participants transition back into their home lives, tweak their programs as circumstances and goals change, and bolster their motivation to sustain healthy lifestyle changes as it inevitably ebbs and flows. We offer the following continuing care services:

Structure House Journal Reviews Show More Show Less

Participants are encouraged to mail us the tear-out section of their Structure House journal that includes their weight charts and a brief self-reflection survey every 12 weeks for as long as they wish. A staff therapist will review these documents and reply with a detailed letter, offering feedback, suggestions, and support. This service is free and is available to all participants who have completed at least one week of our on-campus program. 

Telephone Counseling Show More Show Less

Participants often form meaningful relationships with our staff therapists and sometimes opt to continue their therapeutic work by telephone. Sessions can be provided at whatever frequency is deemed appropriate by the participant and therapist (i.e., weekly, monthly, etc.). Options include a 25-minute or 50-minute session. 

Not Home Alone Telephone Support Show More Show Less

This program features a series of six structured 20-minute phone calls with a Structure House therapist. It offers an affordable, brief, and focused format to help you stay on track, remain accountable, and receive support as you continue making changes at home. Your therapist will review progress and help you establish goals between sessions. 

Dial A Dietician Show More Show Less

Participants can take advantage of our dietitians’ expertise after they return home through 25 minute phone sessions. Discussions are designed to answer participants’ questions, help them continue to meet their nutritional needs, address challenges that arise, and offer guidance and support. 

E-Care Show More Show Less

Participants who prefer to communicate electronically can opt to engage with our therapy staff weekly through completing a questionnaire about the week’s progress and then receiving feedback and encouragement from their chosen therapist. This program is managed completely on-line. 

Web-Based Support Groups Show More Show Less

Participants can elect to enroll in a weekly support group that utilizes a web-camera and conference call technology to participate in this live therapist-facilitated program. 

Return Visits Show More Show Less

It is common for participants to return to campus for varying lengths of stay to reinforce their healthy behaviors, address challenges that have arisen in their home lives, and reconnect with fellow participants in our supportive and accepting environment. Research on long-term weight management indicates that repeated intervention is a strong predictor of success. 

Referrals to Local Providers Show More Show Less

Sometimes participants find that they might benefit from developing a therapeutic relationship with a social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist in their home area. Our staff can provide such referrals, and we will gladly offer to speak with these individuals (with your written permission) to ensure a smooth transition of care. 

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