Continuing Care Weight Loss Program

At Structure House, we understand that reaching a healthier weight is a lifelong journey and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.  During your time with us, you’ll begin the journey to health with weight loss, increased energy and the health impacts of following our nutritional lifestyle. More importantly, you will acquire the tools necessary to become a Long-Term Weight Controller.  The clinical team at Structure House provides a host of continuing care options to support you in maintaining and continuing your progress towards overall health and wellness.

Phone Therapy

Participants of Structure House develop an intimate bond with the clinicians that have helped them throughout treatment. Therapists support participants in promoting goal attainment, encouraging awareness, enhancing motivation and nurturing engagement in desired behaviors. After a participant leaves the program and returns home, many of these same benefits can be continued or initiated through the use of therapy by phone.

Not Home Alone Phone Support

Evidence suggests that structured phone support can help promote success for those who leave structured programs and return home.  Some participants choose to participate in full 1:1 therapy sessions by phone while others prefer short and focused sessions targeting critical areas. The clinical team designed the, “Not Home Alone”, package offering six 20-minute phone contacts to meet this need.

On-Campus Treatment

Thousands of past Structure House participants have returned to campus to maintain their progress and reinvigorate their commitment to health. Some participants have significant weight loss goals and come to continue their work while others return to take advantage of advanced graduate coursework in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle change.  Still others choose to return because they benefit so much from the social support and sense of community that they experience here.  No matter what reason graduates return to us, we have programs available to help them on their journey to meeting specific health and weight loss goals.

Video Support Group

The sense of community and belonging is cited by many as the magic ingredient responsible for the transformations experienced by our participants. The CyberSupport Program is an internet-based, real-time video support group for participants once they return home.  Sessions are comprised of six weekly, 50 minute support groups in which 6-8 participants convene to problem-solve, set goals related to health behaviors, and to give and receive social support.

Journal Support

Documenting nutrition and fitness have been proven to be one of the most successful interventions available to people working to lose and maintain weight loss. Participants learn to journal at Structure House and leave with a Structure House Diary to keep up the practice. All participants are given the opportunity to mail in their journals throughout their lives and get personalized feedback from a clinician on their progress.

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