Foundation Week

Structure House Foundation Week is a 1-week intensive experience to build a solid foundation for restoring your health and weight.

Historically, our new participant program has been a 4-week experience with flexible options for completing 4 weeks consecutively or non-consecutively. In many ways, this approach is very powerful as it allows each week to build upon the other. This begins with learning our philosophy and practices and identifying your unique needs based on individual assessments (week 1), gaining more knowledge and experience with key concepts and finding ways to challenge yourself (week 2), thoughtfully applying concepts to yourself and strengthening new behaviors and habits (week 3), and solidifying specific goals and behaviors while planning to transition home (week 4).

Our 4-week New Participant program remains vital and serves as a leader in healthcare for comprehensive, top-quality, immersion-style health restoration programs.

Yet, we recognize more than ever the demands of modern life that make it challenging to step out of your life for a month. And it is important to us that individuals don’t feel they aren’t “doing enough” if they are not able or don’t desire to complete a month-long program.  Quite the contrary! Our aim is to meet you where you are in as many ways as we can, including how you utilize our program.

So we invite you to experience our Foundation Week. It’s very similar to “Week 1” of our New Participant program, but designed with the understanding that it may be a stand-alone week for you. So we built the Foundation Week schedule to provide 5 days (Monday through Friday) of intensive programming to teach you the program philosophy and core principles, help you experience whole-person self-care via nutrition, fitness, medical, and psychological education and activities, and identify effective and do-able goals and behaviors for healthy living that you can translate into your life at home.

Foundation Week includes:

  • 10 Foundation Classes that teach the Structure House approach
  • Daily options for movement and physical activity that offer variety in terms of specific physical conditioning (strength, cardiovascular, flexibility) and fitness level
  • Daily Electives based on your needs and interests, in the areas of Nutrition, Psychology, or Fitness
  • 2 support groups (optional)
  • Individualized 25-minute assessments with fitness, nursing, nutrition, and therapy staff
  • 25-minute personal fitness training
  • 25-minute behavioral session with therapist

While there is always more to learn, and you may decide to visit us again, we want to make sure we are offering a stand-alone week-long experience that can help you build a solid foundation for health and weight management that can be sustained and expanded upon for the rest of your best life.