Ashley’s Weight Loss Success Story

I actually heard about Structure House from my aunt, who is a graduate. I was not in the best place in my life and desperately needed some help. I was working at a high-level corporate job with a huge amount of stress and responsibility. I put close to 40 lbs. of weight on, didn’t sleep throughout the night, had no energy, skipped meals, and was so unhappy. I decided to make a change and put in my resignation. I wasn’t sure what would be my next step but I knew I needed out. My body felt so broken.

That’s when my mom and aunt suggested that I go to Structure House. At first I was embarrassed to be asked to go to a weight loss clinic and needed some serious pushing because I didn’t think I belonged (denial at its best). After long talks with Sandra and finally realizing that Structure House was not just about weight loss but overall wellness I knew it was the place for me. It has changed my life so much and I am so happy I went.

My most eye-opening experience during my first week was learning I was a “stress” overeater. At Structure House, a light bulb went on. I learned about eating to nourish my body and also the difference between mindful vs. mindless eating. During my time at Structure House, I also learned a different way of looking at exercise and the number one change I have made is to MOVE EVERY DAY. I make sure to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the same time every day, and I still write in my Structure House journal and weigh daily. I also made some important changes to my overall lifestyle and started working for a non-profit company helping provide affordable housing for low-income families.

Many thanks to the staff and the Structure House Program for bringing me back to life again. I am so grateful every single day. I feel so blessed to have had this experience and to have collected the tools necessary to maintain my healthy lifestyle.