Frequently Asked Questions

We will customize your experience at Structure House based on your personal preferences. You make the decisions, and we’ll design the stay that’s best for you.

Where is your program located?

Structure House is located on 12 beautiful acres in Durham, North Carolina, near Duke University and just minutes away from Raleigh-Durham International Airport. On our campus, participants are surrounded by the beauty of nature, which can offer them a sense of peace and serenity as they work toward achieving their wellness goals.

Our physical address is 3017 Pickett Road, Durham, NC 27705.

Who should attend the program?

Structure House is pleased to offer comprehensive weight loss programming for adults age 18 and older. Our programs are ideal for individuals at any level of health or fitness who want to focus on losing weight, managing their weight, reconnecting with fullness cues, preventing or managing diseases, improving their mobility, building healthier relationships with food and their bodies, and making overall healthy lifestyle changes.

What is the recommended length of stay for new participants?

Our JumpStart program is a four-week program that is designed to ensure that you have adequate time to learn the necessary concepts and skills to be successful on your weight loss journey, including establishing new healthy habits and observing positive changes in your overall health and fitness.

Each week consists of unique programming, so we highly recommend a four-week stay for your first visit to Structure House. However, we understand that some individuals may not be able to commit to four weeks at a time, so we offer the option of breaking up your stay into separate week-long units. This means that you are able to participate in programming one week at a time with no limit to the amount of time in between stays. See our JumpStart program overview page for more details.

Once you have completed all four weeks of JumpStart programming, you will then be able to transition to our Graduate program. There is no limit to the length of time you can spend in the Graduate program, and participants are welcome to return as often as they like.

How much will the program cost?

The program cost at Structure House varies based on a number of different factors, including the length of stay, the program option selected, and any supplemental services that participants wish to include during their stay.

Participants who complete the four-week JumpStart program will receive a discounted rate if they choose to continue on to our Graduate program.

To learn more about our rates call (877) 466-2477 to speak to an intake advisor.

What is included in the program fee?

We are pleased to offer comprehensive services, generous accommodations, and numerous amenities for participants in our program.

Services offered in Week 1 of our JumpStart program include:

  • 25-minute health assessment
  • 25-minute nutrition intake with a dietitian
  • 50-minute fitness evaluation with InBody test
  • 50-minute coaching intake with a life coach
  • Bloodwork

In Week 4 of our JumpStart program, participants receive a follow-up fitness evaluation with InBody test. Additionally, all participants who stay in the JumpStart program for two or more weeks receive two 25-minute individual sessions or one 50-minute session in each of their second, third, and fourth weeks. These sessions may include personal training, life coaching, and nutrition counseling, and are offered at no extra cost. Once these complimentary sessions have been used, participants are welcome to schedule additional sessions.

Services offered in our Graduate program include:

  • 25-minute nutrition intake with a dietitian
  • 25-minute fitness evaluation with InBody test
  • 25-minute coaching intake with a life coach
  • Bloodwork

Participants can also choose from 40 psychoeducational classes and 25 fitness classes each week.

Our on-campus accommodations include modern, fully furnished private apartments that provide all the comforts of home, ensuring that participants feel relaxed and comfortable during their time in programming. Participants can choose from one- or two-bedroom apartments, which include a spacious living area, Tempur-Pedic beds, two TVs (one in the bedroom and one in the living room), optional recliners, a washer and dryer, hotel-grade cable, Wi-Fi, bathtubs, and walk-in showers.

Participants also have access to a full suite of cardio equipment that includes NuStep machines as well as a fully equipped weight room. There is also a world-class dining room, a gymnasium, heated indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, and miles of wooded walking trails.

All meals are also included in the general program fee.

Does Structure House accept insurance? Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Structure House is a private pay facility and does not participate in any insurance agreements or managed care contracts at this time, including Medicare and Medicaid.  The cost of a weight management program may be a tax-deductible health care expense. Please consult your physician, tax professional or the IRS for additional information. If you have a medical savings account (MSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement plan, all or a portion of the cost could be qualified as a health care expense.

Are your staff members licensed and experienced?

All of our staff members are highly trained and are either licensed, certified, or hold one or more degrees in their area of expertise. The average tenure of our clinical team is over ten years. Nowhere will you find a collection of experts as experienced or diversified as the Structure House team.

What types of programs and services do you offer?

Our programming is designed to be holistic in nature, offering participants the benefit of receiving care that addresses their physical, emotional, and psychological needs. We focus on helping participants learn about healthy nutrition and proper meal planning, while also teaching them safe and effective ways to exercise and how to make positive behavioral changes.

The care we provide draws heavily on scientific literature so that we can teach our participants the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. We offer workshops, educational classes, fitness classes, nutrition guidance, and support groups to ensure that those who stay with us have every advantage possible as they navigate their wellness journeys.

What type of medical oversight is provided?

New Participant and Graduate Participant packages include bloodwork, a fitness evaluation, and a body composition analysis. While these tests are included in your program fee, they are not required. Bloodwork is reviewed by a physician, and you will receive feedback about these important health markers. Participants can also elect to add on individual consults with our physician to address routine medical issues or to develop a medication management plan. Further, Structure House is fortunate to be in close proximity to Duke University Medical Center and UNC Chapel Hill Hospital should an emergency medical issue arise.

How does your program differ from other weight loss programs?

We are one of the only residential weight management programs that gives you the opportunity to step away from your life at home, including the daily stresses, responsibilities, habits and routines that have kept you from living your most healthy lifestyle. Here, you are able to establish healthy lifestyle behaviors in a setting that is free from distractions and enables you to fully immerse yourself in self-care. Our approach focuses on helping you to establish healthy behaviors and habits that you can sustain over a lifetime, rather than a “quick fix” dieting program. We take a comprehensive, integrated approach, blending the latest research in nutrition, fitness, behavior, and medicine to treat the whole person. Our team of experts will help create an individualized plan that fits your needs and goals. For more on our program philosophy, see our Program Overview.

What is a typical day at Structure House like?

At Structure House, a typical day will include educational classes in nutrition, behavior, and fitness, three flavorful and nutritionally balanced meals plus optional healthy snacks, and your choice of approximately 7-8 fitness class offerings. In addition, you may have individual sessions with therapy or nutrition staff, support group sessions, massage therapy, or personal training. In the evenings, we offer a variety of social and recreational activities. To learn more, please visit our and sample schedule.

Will I be able to have visitors during my stay and/or bring a friend or family member to support me?

Absolutely! Your loved ones may come visit you at any time during your stay. We recognize that having the support of a friend or family member can be an integral part of your success, and Structure House has apartments specifically designed for those who want to bring a family member or a pet. Those designated as Family Support may attend all educational classes, participate in all group fitness classes, and eat all meals at Structure House. Participants are welcome to dine with you (for an additional cost), but are not permitted to use our exercise facilities or attend classes.

I haven’t been to Structure House in a while – do I need to go through the JumpStart program again?

Participants who have completed the four-week JumpStart program are considered gratduates and may return to Structure House at any time and receive the graduate rate without having to complete the JumpStart program again. However, we recognize that those who have not been back in a while may need some additional support and re-orientation to the program. Participants for whom it has been five or more years since their last visit to Structure House will receive additional support, including a detailed schedule, orientation class, and extended individual consultations at the initiation of their stay to get them re-acquainted with the program philosophy and schedule and to help them identify realistic goals for their stay.

Do you offer aftercare?

Yes, we are committed to helping you remain successful at home! We have a number of options for you to stay connected to Structure House following your participation in our program. Additionally, several of the classes in our Core Program are designed to help you develop plans for home, and our treatment staff will work with you to identify and address individual challenges as well as a plan for ongoing support.

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