Why Structure House

Look forward to a healthier lifestyle and a promising future with help from Structure House. Our customized weight management services help our participants embrace their strengths, heal their bodies, and create lasting, positive change.

We Are Not A “Fat Camp”

We are also not a “boot camp”, or a “diet center.”

Instead, we provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary care in a comfortable and autonomous residentially-based setting for adults struggling with healthy weight management, obesity, binge eating or other types of emotionally-based overeating, and weight-related health problems including Type 2 Diabetes. We support those wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes to support their weight and health goals.

We Have The Experience

We are proud of our 30+ years of experience in providing compassionate wellness care.

We have experience working with thousands of individuals who have struggled in many of the ways you or a loved one may be struggling, and we have monitored our program outcomes to understand the specific weight, health, and quality of life benefits you can expect from Structure House.

Our Program Is Always Evolving

We evolve as the science of weight and health management evolves.

We incorporate best practices in fitness, nutrition, and psychology into our philosophy, the education you receive, and the strategies you are taught.

We Are Effective

We use scientifically tested methods to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Our program uses concepts, strategies, and treatment methods that have been scientifically tested in well-conducted research studies to ensure effectiveness and safety. In the fitness and nutrition departments, we follow research-derived guidelines for safe and effective eating and movement.

Learn more about our evidence-based approach.

We Are Committed

Our commitment is to help you build a powerful wellness foundation.

By providing accurate information, opportunities to practice new skills, and a holistic view that recognizes that the “inside” of a person often needs to heal in order for the “outside” to heal, our emphasis is on equipping you with tools to be successful not only at Structure House, but for many years ahead.

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