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Jenn’s Weight Loss Success Story

In 2010, then 17-year-old, 294-lb. Jenn Little was surprised to be sitting with Dr. Phil on national television discussing her weight. After appearing on the show, Dr. Phil sent Jenn to Structure House to help her in her weight loss struggles while giving her the tools to keep the weight off on her own. Now, her total weight loss nears 60 pounds thus far, Jenn continues to benefit from the lessons she learned during her visit.

She attributes her success to a positive attitude and diligent note-taking. “I keep a food diary, eat slowly, plan meals, cook my own meals and am open about my weight,” she said of her new routine. Jenn also follows a regimen of five hours of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and one outdoor walk per week. She also takes advantage of Structure House’s “Not Home Alone” program, which connects her to a Structure House professional whenever she has questions about diet or exercise. The program is one of many that Structure House offers to assist participants in making permanent lifestyle changes.

Her support system has also been invaluable to her. parents, friends, MMA instructors and fellow Structure House participants keep her focused on her goals. Clear signs of success, such as becoming more toned, feeling better about her body and wearing a tankini bathing suit, also serve as terrific motivators. While she still plans to lose another 60 pounds, Jenn is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and looks forward to running a 5K race in the future!