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John’s Weight Loss Success Story

During the Christmas holiday before I finally made it to Structure House, I sat in a chair at this restaurant in Rockefeller Center…watching the ice skaters at Christmas…The chair broke, I fell to the floor, VERY embarrassed…but otherwise uninjured. It was a seminal moment in getting motivated to change. While at Structure House, I followed the program; though a physician, I found that I learned a tremendous amount in the lectures. I also realized that stress in my personal life needed to be addressed, and after Structure House, I went about making major changes.

Now, I enjoy my food, but it’s not a source of high pleasure.  I cook much, much more, and am very demanding in restaurants about preparation.  I travel with my food.  I eat before going to functions. I also exercise consistently, and enjoy it.  I also particularly enjoy weight lifting, and I believe this has been a big part of my weight loss and maintenance. I never had a goal weight… my goal was to eat “right” without being hungry and to exercise, and see where that led me.

In general, my life is SO much better.  I no longer have sleep apnea (no more CPAP), high blood pressure, or pre-diabetes.  The challenge is that it took me 18 months to lose the weight – I changed my life and did NOT go on a diet.  At first, I did not believe it possible – but I kept the faith. I now find that fruits taste very sweet – I don’t need added sugar.  I look forward to my exercise.  I enjoy compliments.  I hope to live longer, and better.