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The Structure House JumpStart program is a completely customizable retreat for weight loss. You can choose the treatment focus and length of stay that’s right for you.

What Are The Benefits?

Explore the benefits of our JumpStart residential weight loss program.

The JumpStart live-in weight loss program for adults at Structure House is a unique and effective approach to weight management. It integrates scientifically supported principles of nutrition, exercise, and psychology to help you achieve a healthier, more satisfying life. This residential experience gives participants an opportunity to step away from the stresses of daily life so that they can focus on their goals for weight loss and take strides toward achieving lasting wellness.

When you enter our JumpStart program, you have the opportunity to meet with multidisciplinary staff members from all departments. This allows you to explore the various aspects of our programming, which includes life coaching, fitness, and nutrition, among others.

Why Is This a Healthy Alternative to Fat Camps?

We offer a healthy and sustainable alternative to the self-defeating fat camp approach.

In the past, outdated concepts such as fat camps and weight loss boot camps exposed individuals to unhealthy interventions that led to self-defeating behaviors. At Structure House, we have long advocated for a science-based, research-supported approach that celebrates the strength and potential of each participant who turns to us for help.

We offer a healthy and sustainable alternative to fat camps, boot camps, and fat farms that supports our participants in reaching successful long-term weight loss. Participants are empowered to learn how to make their own decisions about their eating habits and activity levels without the use of shame, guilt, or extreme exercise or dieting as weight loss tools.

At Structure House, we use an updated model of care that doesn’t focus solely on the fitness and nutritional aspects of our participants’ weight loss journeys. Our expert staff helps participants identify how their mental health is connected to the challenges they experience losing weight.

We use evidence-based approaches to wellness that can help our participants better understand the urge to engage in unhealthy eating patterns. We also work with participants as they learn how to change behaviors that have kept them from reaching their weight loss goals.

This alternative to fat camps and boot camps supports our participants in weight loss that is healthy, sustainable, and long-lasting.

What's Included?

Our live-in weight loss program for adults is built to meet your needs.

Individuals who participate in the JumpStart program for weight loss will have access to a variety of resources, including:

  • Seminars and workshops: You have the ability to choose from over 40 workshops and seminars each week that cover areas such as nutrition, movement education, stress management, habit formation, emotional eating, and healthy coping skills. All seminars and workshops are facilitated by our expert clinicians.
  • Diet and nutrition support: Our team offers personalized guidance to help you make positive nutritional changes and achieve your dieting goals.
  • Life coaching and psychotherapy: Life coaches and therapists work to help you better understand your habits and motivations so that you can overcome mind-blocks in order to make lasting change. For people who are suffering from the effects of trauma, we can also incorporate elements of Accelerated Resolution Therapy into their programming.
  • Fitness and exercise: You can receive customized instruction as you work through an activity plan that is created specifically to help you meet your weight loss and weight management goals.

New participants receive the following when they enter the JumpStart program:

  • CBC/CMP laboratory test upon arrival and then repeated in Week 4
  • 25-minute health assessment
  • 25-minute nutrition intake with a dietitian
  • 50-minute initial fitness evaluation with InBody test upon arrival and then a follow-up 25-minute exit fitness evaluation with InBody test in Week 4
  • 50-minute coaching intake with a life coach

All JumpStart participants who stay in programming for two or more weeks also receive two 25-minute individual sessions or one 50-minute individual session in each of their second, third, and fourth weeks on campus in the department(s) of their choice at no extra cost. These sessions may include personal training, life coaching, and nutrition counseling. Once these complimentary sessions have been used, participants are welcome to schedule additional sessions.

Participants who are interested in exploring how safe and effective medication may aide in their weight loss journey also have the option of taking part in our weight loss medication track.

Is There Flexibility?

Yes! Discover how to adjust your length of stay in our JumpStart program.

JumpStart is a four-week program that is held in one-week units. Each week is a complete experience and is unique in content from the other weeks. You can stay in the program for four weeks consecutively, or you may stay for one, two, or three weeks. Once you complete all four weeks, even if nonconsecutively, you will become a Structure House Graduate and gain access to reduced pricing for future visits.

All Structure House retreats are flexible to meet each participant’s unique needs. From the length of stay in our program to the activities that will fill your days, you get to choose the options.

What Happens During a Typical Day?

A typical day at our residential weight loss treatment center.

The JumpStart program is designed to be a flexible, yet structured, experience that allows you to decide what you want your experience to look like. Each day will contain a blend of scheduled activities, optional add-on services, and plenty of time for relaxation and quiet reflection. While participating in the JumpStart program, you will enjoy delicious meals, fitness activities, educational classes, and coaching opportunities that can support you in meeting your weigh loss goals.

Can I Customize My Package?

Customize a weight loss plan that works best for you.

No matter which program you participate in, you can always customize your experience at Structure House.

During your time in the JumpStart program, you are able to choose from 25 fitness classes as you work on developing a healthy exercise routine. You are also able to pick from 40 psychoeducational classes and workshops that cover topics such as nutrition, psychology, and exercise, among others.

As part of the JumpStart program, we offer several support groups where participants can discuss topics related to weight management. This is a valuable opportunity for individuals to give and receive support to and from their peers throughout their weight loss journey.

We also offer an array of services and sessions that can be added during your stay for an additional cost, including:

  • Nutritional counseling services
  • Individual sessions with a life coach
  • Medical consultations
  • Personal training sessions
  • Group training sessions
  • Group Pilates sessions
  • Semiprivate Pilates sessions
  • Massage services

In Week 4 of our JumpStart program, participants receive a follow-up fitness evaluation with InBody test. Additionally, all participants who stay in the JumpStart program for two or more weeks receive two 25-minute individual sessions or one 50-minute session in each of their second, third, and fourth weeks. These sessions may include personal training, life coaching, and nutrition counseling, and are offered at no extra cost. Once these complimentary sessions have been used, participants are welcome to schedule additional sessions.

Even if you do not elect to utilize any of the add-on services we offer, you will receive a full and robust program by attending the variety of groups and workshops offered each week.

Our goal is to make sure that you have an experience that will not only help you achieve your goals, but that will also allow you to feel comfortable and confident as you develop a healthier lifestyle.

It’s your life and your journey, so we believe you should make the decisions! And we’re here to offer support and guidance along the way.

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