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Joelle’s Weight Loss Success Story

In December of 2012, Joelle Miller reached her highest weight, totaling 358 pounds. In April of 2013, she decided that she wanted to make a lifestyle change; a change that would help her face her future with the confidence that she had long desired for. Entering Structure House with a weight of 328 pounds, Joelle successfully lost a total of 129 pounds during her time spent in the care of Structure House’s expert weight loss staff. And now, with a total lifetime weight loss of 149 pounds, Joelle is happily living the life that she always wanted.

Since leaving Structure House, Joelle has worked to maintain her weight loss and adhere to the healthy lifestyle changes she made by implementing a thorough exercise routine into her daily and weekly schedules. She walks her dog daily throughout her neighborhood and then goes to the gym every weekday to walk on the treadmill as well. Joelle also mixes in squats and the use of free weights when she exercises at home and uses weight machines while exercising at the gym.

In addition to a regular exercise routine, Joelle also remains diligent in maintaining healthy eating patterns. She eats three meals a day, at 500 calories each, for a 1500 calorie a day target. In order to avoid temptation, Joelle packs her lunch the night before and takes it to work. She brings her own condiments with her when going out, if necessary, and may bring safe eating choices with her to various gatherings. If a meal is going to be less than 500 calories, she will add a planned snack. She is strict with herself in what she allows herself to eat and is dedicated to keeping a food journal with her so that she can write in it when she finds herself in unfamiliar situations.

Making these lifestyle changes has not been easy, and Joelle credits a number of motivators for helping her stay true to her new way of life. Her friends and family have been incredibly supportive and have encouraged her in the progress that she has made and continues to make. Joelle also said that seeing how she can make improvements helps move her forward. She is able to push through temporary frustrations by looking at the bigger picture.

Unlike in the past, Joelle now likes to get out of the house, is out in public more, and is excited to no longer be concerned about whether she will fit into movie theater seats, making going to the theater an activity that she now enjoys regularly. This brings her a great deal of pride. She is more outgoing and much more relaxed. She changed her career path, has a new job for a non-profit, and was thrilled to be able to go through the interview process without feeling as though she had to compensate for her weight.

Joelle also notes that experiencing greater acceptance in society, such as having men holding doors open for her and receiving compliments from others, motivates her to continue with her healthy lifestyle. Joelle also says that the change in her clothing size and being able to shop in the regular sections of stores has been a major point of encouragement. She has greater comfort going out and socializing and is aware of feeling attractive. She plans to visit the beach in Mexico where she will be out in public in a bathing suit for the first time.

In July of 2014, Joelle was down to 209 pounds and has the hope of reaching her goal weight of 150 pounds. She is confident that she will be able to reach this goal through the same advice she gives to others. She says that it is important to set short-term goals and take each day as it comes, one day at a time. Celebrate small victories, not with food, but with things like a new dress. Be excited for yourself. Face the demons, confront them, and realize you have power over food; it does not have power over you.