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Free Confidential Binge-Eating Assessment

Binge Eating Assessment

If you are in a state of crisis or need immediate help for any reason, please refrain from filling out this assessment and call 911. If you feel that you are a danger to yourself, please refrain from filling out this assessment and contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

This online Binge-Eating assessment takes approximately five minutes and will provide general feedback when completed. Please note that this assessment is not a formal diagnostic tool and should not be interpreted as such. This assessment is free and can be taken anonymously, if you choose.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions provided, it is highly recommended that you contact the staff at Structure House or another qualified healthcare provider. If you would prefer to be contacted by the staff at Structure House, please leave your contact information in the space provided at the end of this assessment. Please note that by leaving your information, you consent to allow Structure House to use this information to contact you. Any information provided will remain confidential. If you choose to not leave your information, the staff at Structure House will not contact you.

If you answer “no” to the questions provided, you are still encouraged to reach out to the staff at Structure House or another qualified healthcare provider for a detailed evaluation of your risk for Binge-Eating.

1. Once you start eating, do you find it difficult or impossible to control how much or how quickly you consume food?

2. Do you often eat significantly more food than you intended?

3. Do you often eat when you’re not hungry, or continue to eat even after you feel full?

4. Do you often feel shame or guilt after eating?

5. Has your self-esteem or self-image suffered due to your eating habits?

6. Do you typically eat alone or in secret as a means of hiding your eating habits from others?

7. Do you avoid attending dinner parties, dining in restaurants, or other situations in which your eating habits may be observed by others?

8. Have you lied or otherwise deceived friends or family members about how much or how frequently you eat?

9. Do you engage in eating binges as a way to deal with stress, pressure, sadness, boredom, or similar negative emotions?

10. Have you frequently attempted but failed to diet or restrict your food intake?

11. Has your weight fluctuated significantly due to your eating binges?

12. Has your habit of overeating caused you to experience physical problems?

13. Have you had thoughts of harming yourself, or have you ever made an attempt to take your own life?

Thank you for taking Structure House's Binge Eating Screening.

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Disclaimer: Structure House disclaims any liability, loss, or risk sustained as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of these assessments.