Best Continuing Care for Weight Loss & Maintenance

At Structure House, our wellness packages are completely customizable. You get to choose the treatment focus, length of stay, and additional support that’s right for you.

What Does Continuing Support Mean?

Learn how to receive continuing support for your weight loss and wellness journey.

Understandably, participants sometimes express concerns about their ability to sustain their healthy behaviors after leaving the on-campus program. Research has demonstrated that individuals who sustain weight losses and health behavior change over extended periods of time engage in various kinds of ongoing support after they initially adopt a new lifestyle. Throughout a visit at Structure House, we encourage and assist individuals to think about, identify, and plan for the services and supports that they may wish to use to help transition back into life at home, to adjust their program as needs change, and bolster their motivation to sustain healthy lifestyle changes as it inevitably ebbs and flows. While we’re always working on identifying new resources and ways of supporting our participants at home, the following are currently available:

Wellness Coaching

Explore the benefits of our continued wellness coaching program.

After you leave Structure House we understand that returning to life at home can be stressful. To assist this transition, we’ve launched the wellness coaching program, which allows certified wellness coaches to help you tackle some of the problems in your everyday life. This program centers around setting goals and being accountable for meeting those goals.

Some topics that our coaching can assist with:

  • Difficulties with meal prep
  • Staying structured at home
  • Work-life balance
  • Exercise goals

If the need arises to speak with a therapist at any time during your coaching, our coaches can help connect you to the appropriate professional to help meet those needs.

Download Our Wellness Coaching Flyer Here

Returning Visits

Discover the benefits of returning visits to Structure House Weight Loss & Wellness Program.

It is common for guests to return to campus for varying lengths of stay to reinforce their healthy behaviors, address challenges that have arisen in their home lives, and reconnect with fellow guests in our supportive and accepting environment.

Research on long-term weight management indicates that repeated intervention is a strong predictor of success. Our own data shows that individuals who make a return visit within 18 months of their initial visit have better weight loss outcomes at 2 years than those who have not yet made a return visit. Once a guest has completed a 4-week stay (consecutive or non-consecutive weeks), ‘graduate’ visits are offered at rates intended to help make returning more accessible.

Referrals To Local Providers

Learn how our wellness professionals help with referring you to local behavioral health providers.

Many guests recognize that they will benefit from working with a mental health professional (such as a clinical social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist) in their home area. Some prefer this work to focus on health, weight and eating concerns specifically, others would prefer to explore a variety of life issues or emotional concerns in addition to receiving support for their weight management journey.

Guests may also be interested in locating ongoing support from a dietitian or fitness professional at home. Our staff can assist with providing such referrals, and we will gladly offer to speak with these individuals (with your written permission) to ensure a smooth transition of care.

In addition to face-to-face referrals for therapy, nutrition, or fitness support at home, we can help identify and provide suggestions for telehealth support (phone, web, or mobile-based) that are high-quality and consistent with our program philosophy. These methods are increasingly available to individuals for a variety of areas of physical and behavioral health and there are a number of well-controlled studies showing benefits for a variety of telehealth/online supports.

Staying Connected

Learn how to stay connected with our weight loss and wellness community.

Providing a current email address will give you access to our email-based newsletter and joining/liking us on social media platforms will ensure that you have access not only to Structure House news and events but also to the guidance and resources that we make available to our wellness community, both on and off campus.







You feel very safe here. You realize there are other people who understand what you’re going through.

– Ashley

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