Corporate Retreat Program

Structure House, a leading source of wellness programming in Durham, North Carolina, is pleased to offer its Corporate Retreat program. This customizable day program can be the perfect option for a focused work retreat or employee wellness initiative.

What Is the Corporate Retreat Program?

Structure House’s Corporate Retreat program is a unique and engaging way for companies in the Durham area to offer focused wellness experiences for their employees.

In our Corporate Retreat program, groups of employees can enjoy the same activities and services we offer through our Reset Retreat day program. However, for customers of our corporate program, we also provide a comfortable meeting space so that you can incorporate work activities into your daily wellness programming.

Our Corporate Retreat program is a three-day experience that includes:

  • Three nutritious chef-prepared meals each day
  • Daily well-being workshops and seminars, taught by experts in their fields
  • Daily fitness classes and access to our state-of-the-art fitness center that has indoor and outdoor pools

Although the Corporate Retreat program does not provide on-site lodging, our staff is happy to recommend local accommodations for our out-of-town guests.

What Are the Benefits?

Since 1977, Structure House has helped numerous people make positive, sustainable, and healthy changes in their lives. Now, we’re bringing our expertise and specialized approach to a corporate audience. We understand that the health of a company is only as strong as the health of its individual team members and that organizations of all sizes may be eager to access wellness-based resources for their employees.

The Structure House approach helps adults gain a deeper understanding of how nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle changes can benefit their quality of life and help them achieve their health and wellness goals. In our Corporate Retreat program, we provide a structured setting for professionals to embark on a positive journey of learning and self-empowerment.

By participating in our program, your employees can focus on moving and nourishing their bodies, gaining new knowledge and skills, and attending to their holistic well-being. Our Corporate Retreat program offers busy professionals the chance to step away from regular routines and pressures to work on resetting behaviors and building healthier habits.

Our Corporate Retreat program also provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for all who participate. At our campus, each person can attend to their unique needs while benefiting from the support and encouragement of others who may share similar experiences and goals.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Guests of our Corporate Retreat program typically begin each day with a nutritious made-to-order breakfast in our wait-staffed dining room. We take pride in catering to our guests’ dietary needs and preferences and offer a wide variety of customizable meal options.

After breakfast, our guests can enjoy a full day of activities and programs, including:

  • Psychoeducational classes on topics like nutrition, fitness, behavior change, and emotional well-being
  • Inclusive fitness classes, including cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility exercises, and pool-based activities
  • Access to Structure House’s 12,000-square-foot fitness facility and pools
  • Options to add on massage therapy sessions and personal training sessions

Employees who participate in our Corporate Retreat program can take breaks from our programming throughout the day to engage in work-related activities in their personal meeting space. Our three-day program is a customizable experience that allows each group of employees to choose the activities and experiences that can best meet their needs.

Guests of our corporate program will also be able to enjoy lunch and dinner in our dining room each day. After dinner, guests may participate in additional programming depending on the day’s schedule of activities.

How Can I Learn More?

We understand that many employees lead full and hectic lives and that it may be hard for them to make time for their wellness. We believe that our Corporate Retreat program can be a valuable investment in both your organization and its people. We’ve designed our program to be a safe and supportive experience where guests can cultivate the wellness in their lives they may have been missing.

To learn more about our Corporate Retreat program or to organize a retreat experience for your employees, please contact our admissions team today. We can offer three-day retreats starting on any day except Saturday, because our admissions are Sunday-Friday.

When I came here, the lightbulb went on. I learned how strong I am.

– Ashley

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