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Summer Of Fun Add-On

Structure House is excited to announce our new Summer of Fun program for on-campus participants. This add-on package provides supplemental support to help you meet your weight loss goals during the summer break!

Program Overview

Participants who are enrolled in our on-campus services can elect to add the Summer of Fun package to their Structure House experience. So, if you want even more support during your time at Structure House, you’ll love the variety of additional activities and events offered in this supplemental program. We recommend this program for anyone who would benefit from access to additional fitness opportunities and connecting with peers within a small group.

Enrollment Information

Summer of Fun program participants must be at least 18 years of age or older and be able to benefit from support in achieving a healthy weight. They must also be able to attend to self-care and have the strength and mobility necessary to participate in activities (with assistance). Although we can modify the activities in this program to suit any of our participants’ needs and limitations, this program does involve a certain level of physicality.

During the admissions process, admissions coordinators will explain the details of the Summer of Fun. Summer of Fun programming takes place from May 12, 2019, through August 3, 2019. Participants can choose to start it on the Monday after their Sunday arrival, or they can add it on to any subsequent Monday of their stay. Participants can enroll in this program for as few or as many weeks of their stay during that time period as desired, with the option to un-enroll for a week or several weeks as desired.

Program Features

As an add-on to our other programming, the Summer of Fun program features a variety of fitness and recreational activities that take place Monday through Sunday. These activities will not conflict with the classes suggested for new or graduate participants, and they will not conflict with group therapy.

Program Highlights

Participants who add the Summer of Fun program to the JumpStart program will be offered three to four off-campus activities (including off-site walks with picnic breakfasts, hiking in the local community, amusement park trips, an escape room experience, and sporting events) per week. There will also be four to six additional included opportunities for small group personal training sessions each week.

What Does it Cost?

Each week of Summer of Fun programming that is added will cost an additional $250 (over and above program cost). It is important to note that the small group training sessions alone (without even accounting for the recreational activities included) are valued between $440 and $660 if they were purchased outside of the Summer of Fun add-on.

Learn More

To learn more about adding the Summer of Fun program to your Structure House experience, contact us today. Our staff is always available to provide additional information about any aspect of our programming.

I can’t think of anyone I know who struggles with this who shouldn’t come to Structure House. Truly, I think it’s all-encompassing enough that anyone who comes here would get something out of it.

– John

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