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Weight Loss Package Add-On: Support for Before & After Bariatric Surgery

At Structure House, our wellness packages are completely customizable. You get to choose the treatment focus, length of stay, and additional support that’s right for you.

What Is Pre & Post Bariatric Support?

Learn how to receive bariatric surgery support and weight loss programming at Structure House.

We specialize in the psychological aspects of weight management and can support individuals who are dealing with the unique physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges that accompany bariatric surgery. If you are planning to undergo, or have had any type of weight loss surgery, we can assist you in making and sustaining the dietary and other health behavior changes that are needed to have a successful long-term surgical outcome. Our goal is to provide you with preparation for your surgery and/or tools to attain optimal results following your surgery.

While surgery is for many people a helpful tool to achieve a healthier weight, behavior change is critical to attaining a successful long-term outcome following surgery. Many behaviors, habits, thoughts, and emotions impact the success of surgery as well as your ability to cope with post-surgical changes. For example, some eating patterns such as binge eating or grazing can reduce your ability to benefit from surgery.

Our specialists can help identify and address these factors so that you can achieve the best possible outcome from your surgery. We can also assist you with stress management skills, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion management skills, smoking cessation, manage food triggers, or cope with pre-surgical anxiety. Additionally, patients often experience changes in their self-image or personal relationships as they lose weight. We can assist you in addressing any emotional and behavioral challenges and provide you with the skills needed to be successful following weight loss surgery.

Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation

Explore the benefits of receiving pre-bariatric surgery support at Structure House.

Structure House provides pre-surgical psychological evaluations for those who have chosen to have a bariatric procedure. This evaluation is required by most surgeons and insurance companies and will be conducted by one of our clinicians who have extensive knowledge of obesity and weight loss surgery, as well as through training and experience in conducting these evaluations.

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing experience that can be very stressful for some people. The pre-surgical psychological evaluation helps the surgical team by identifying your strengths and areas where you might need support either before or after surgery. Your strengths may include strong family support or marital relationship, or a clear understanding of the effects of surgery. Some areas where you might need assistance may include coping with depression, addressing triggers to emotional eating, or lack of a support system at home. We will make recommendations to both the client and surgical team that is aimed at facilitating the best possible outcome.

The evaluation will be conducted in two parts. First, you will be asked to complete an online assessment at home before your appointment (if you do not have internet access, a hard copy of these forms will be mailed to you). You will then be scheduled for a 2-hour appointment at our office during which you will complete additional computerized tests and will meet one-to-one with the psychologist. You will receive feedback and recommendations during that visit, and we will send your surgical team a copy of the completed report.

Post-Surgical Support

Learn what our post-bariatric surgery support includes.

Bariatric surgery can have a profound impact on almost every aspect of an individual’s life. Often, patients experience changes in their self-image or personal relationships as they lose weight. Additionally, consistent behavior change is critical to achieving optimal results following surgery. Participants who complete their pre-surgical evaluation with us can continue to receive therapy support following surgery, if needed or desired, to assist in addressing any emotional and behavioral challenges that emerge and provide you with the skills needed to be successful following weight loss surgery.

If you are post-surgery, you may have had surgery relatively recently and begun to experience some weight regain, or had surgery many years ago and gradually regained weight. This is not uncommon and is due to a variety of factors. Regardless of where, when, and what type of surgery you had, a Structure House visit can help you examine and modify the factors that have contributed to regain and focus on any psychological, social, behavioral or nutritional aspects that have been challenging since having surgery.

You can benefit greatly from having dedicated time to re-focus your energy on self-care and re-engaging the behaviors that will make your long-term surgery outcome the best it can be.

I wanted a safe and friendly environment that wasn’t just focused on the weight, but the mental part as well. Structure House was the best facility out there that fit those needs.

– Tiffany

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