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Daily Balance Wellness Package

Best DayStructure Weight Loss & Wellness Program

For those who live locally and are seeking the same benefits as our core wellness package without staying at Structure House, our daily balance package is perfect for you.

Who Is This Package For?

Explore the benefits of our daily balance weight loss and wellness programming.

Our daily balance package is designed for those individuals who live locally but would like to participate in our weight loss and wellness programming. Guests enjoy the comforts of home while learning and practicing skills that will enable them to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors.

What Are The Benefits?

Explore the benefits of our daily balance weight loss and wellness programming.

  • Learn evidence-based strategies for long-term weight management
  • Identify lifestyle changes to support new healthy behaviors
  • Understand triggers for emotional/binge eating and develop alternative coping behaviors
  • Develop skills in nutritional planning, food preparation, and healthier eating
  • Engage in safe, comfortable, and effective exercise customized to your fitness and mobility level, and medical or orthopedic conditions
  • Care is supervised by compassionate professionals who specialize in weight management treatment

What's Included?

Our daily balance weight loss and wellness package is built to meet your needs.

  • Weekly customized schedules including nutrition, behavioral health, medical assessment, and fitness activities
  • Culinary experiences that extend classroom learning into practical, every day applications
  • Three healthy, delicious meals each day created by our Executive Chef
  • Opportunities to practice skills, such as mindful eating during mealtimes
  • Numerous classes and workshops that address topics such as lifestyle change, stress management, self-care strategies, eating behavior, mindfulness, body image, and more
  • A wide array of fitness classes to address individual needs and preferences, with specialized modifications to make fitness classes accessible and safe for all ability levels
  • Hands-on cooking classes instructed by our Executive Chef and a registered dietitian to practice skills with a qualified instructor that can be put into practice at home
  • Personalized nutrition and menu planning is developed for each participant
  • Supermarket shopping and restaurant excursions are offered that allow participants to practice skills learned within the program
  • Complete blood work assessment by our Director of Nursing
  • Individual therapy sessions at the start and end of the 4-week program with our licensed behavioral health professionals as well as options for additional individual therapy and support groups that meet twice per week
  • Individualized nutrition assessment with a registered dietitian
  • Fitness evaluation at the start and end of the 4-week program with a certified exercise specialist
  • A complimentary 30-minute massage session
  • Optional evening activities including museum visits, on-site movies, guided walking tours, and art classes

Can I Customize My Package?

Discover how to customize your weight loss and wellness journey at Structure House.

You can customize every aspect of your daily balance wellness package. Examples of the many custom features you can add to your package include specialized services for health issues such as diabetes, individual therapy sessions, and having your family reside with you throughout your stay.

I’ve been coming here for 12 years and I’ve been able to do a lot of the program on the road, after the death of a parent, and in every situation that life threw at me.

– John

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