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A letter from Lee Kern: Announcing the brand new "Wellspring at Structure House"!

 Dear Participant,


I have some exciting news to share with you about Structure House. As you may know, Structure House is part of CRC Health Group, the largest provider of addiction treatment and behavioral health care services in the nation. One of our “sister” CRC programs is Wellspring, the leading provider of treatment programs for overweight youth. The Wellspring model was created by Dr. Dan Kirschenbaum in 2004 and has proven to be highly effective. It has a scientific foundation, and numerous articles about its approach and results have been published in journals and in the media. In fact, Wellspring has been featured extensively in major newspapers, magazines, and on TV including the hit show “Too Fat for 15” on the Style network.  The more we at Structure House learned about Wellspring, the more we recognized opportunities to improve our program and theirs by blending the two existing, very effective approaches. 


We are pleased to announce, beginning February 1, 2012, the new “Wellspring at Structure House.” Not just a new name, this new program will still have everything you love about Structure House and more.  It will be an up-to-date, highly effective program that offers the best practices in weight management. Both approaches support the importance of a healthy diet, lifestyle change and physical activity. Both believe in the power of self-monitoring, which research has shown to be one of the most critical steps in sustained weight loss (if you were hoping there would be no more diary or journal, I’m breaking it to you gently here!). Cognitive behavioral principles are at the core of both philosophies. The Structure House model influenced Dr. Kirschenbaum, and now we look forward to incorporating some of Wellspring’s strategies for helping you achieve long-term weight control success.


On your next visit to Structure House – make that Wellspring at Structure House (we’ll all need some time to get used to it!) – I challenge you to an informational, learning-based scavenger hunt. By going to classes, spending time in the gym, and eating in the dining room – keeping your mind and heart open to new information and perspectives – you will discover the answers to these questions:


                 What is the principle of 3:1:8?

                 How many steps should you take in a day?

                How can foods love you back?

                Is it possible to have a healthy obsession?

                What is the purpose of aiming for zero and accepting twenty?

                Does your biology present challenges to your weight loss?



The only way to discover the answers is to come back and look, listen and learn as we incorporate the Wellspring model and launch our new Wellspring at Structure House program. I hope I have piqued your curiosity and that you take me up on the challenge. ??In one of my published articles I refer to famous partnerships like Abbot and Costello and Lennon and McCartney. These are wonderful examples of how the whole can be more than the sum of its parts. We are confident that Wellspring at Structure House will be just that kind of synergy. Come on back and find out for yourself.

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Posted By: Lee Kern, Clinical Director


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