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Category: Behavioral Health

Train Your Brain with Mindfulness

We used to think that the brain stopped growing and developing in early adulthood, and then after that it was supposedly all downhill from there.  We now know from neuroscience research that the brain continues to change in response to experiences we have throughout our life span; a phenomenon called neuroplasticity.  Research shows that the brain can … Read More

Below the Surface of a Binge

“Within dysfunction, there is function.” This is one of my favorite lines in psychology, from Marsha Linehan, PhD, the founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This line, so simply stated, says so much. It tells us that behaviors that appear dysfunctional, harmful, wrong, negative, abnormal, etc., have their own functional purpose underneath the unhealthy and possibly ”destructive”’ … Read More

Stress Management Strategies From the Structure House Staff

What are your go-to strategies for managing stress in your life? Training in stress management techniques have long been a part of the Structure House program because handling stress effectively is a critical skill for the promotion of healthy living, which leads to a healthy weight. We surveyed Structure House staff to learn how they … Read More