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Ryan Benson’s 8 Week Update

I’m feeling pretty good as I head into my eighth week at Structure House. In fact, I’m actually getting ready to do an 80-mile bike ride with my dad for his 80th birthday. 

 We have this saying in my family: “The Bensons never lose; we only learn.” We don’t consider anything a loss, but an opportunity to learn something. And that includes your lifestyle and your efforts to be healthy. 

 Just like anyone else, I’ve had setbacks when it comes to my health and my weight. I’ve gone to birthday parties and weddings these past few weeks where I had the urge to eat whatever the heck I wanted 

 Events like those can be so hard when you’re trying to maintain your weight loss goals. But whenever I have a setback, I don’t think of it as a loss. I use it as learning opportunity for how I can be better prepared the next time I’m in a situation like that. 

 In this video, I talk about how working with my therapist at Structure House helped me cope with the setbacks I’ve experienced recently. The work I’ve put in has also helped me develop the skills I need to attend big events while still feeling in control of my eating habits.  

 Remember that a setback isn’t a loss. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve throughout your weight loss journey. 

-Ryan Benson

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