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Tips for Kick-Starting Your Summer Fitness Routine

Summer is approaching, and as we get into the season that is a bit warmer, making sure that you stay consistent with movement and exercise is crucial to staying healthy. So, how do you kick-start your summer fitness routine?  

You first need a goal. When you have a goal, it makes sticking to the plan a lot easier! Set a goal that you want to fully achieve by the end of summer. I have found that setting seasonal goals is quite helpful. The goal might be being able to do the stairs up and down five or 10 times straight. It may be being able to walk a 5K without stopping. Something even like by the end of the summer consistently going to the gym four days a week for 15 minutes. When the season ends, you can either build on that same goal or develop a new one into the fall. 

The summer months are known for bringing higher temperatures, which sometimes makes the thought of moving your body dreadful. Try structuring your movement at a time you know that it is consistently cooler. Try doing it early in the morning before it gets too hot or later in the day. If that isn’t helpful to you, try thinking about introducing more pool workouts into your summer routine. Even take your general walking into the pool! So, if you enjoy walks outside, but it’s just too unbearable, try water walking in the pool. 

If you view exercise as hard work, introduce a mindset adjustment. Remember, exercise doesn’t HAVE to be hard. Simple is effective too. You don’t NEED to go to a gym to exercise. It can be done in the comfort of your own home with the A/C on and fan going while you watch your favorite show. 

Keeping active and healthy in the summer may take some adjustments to both your mindset and your actual routine, but it does pay off. Try to take some of these tips and see what you can do to kick-start and keep going with exercise and movement!  

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