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Addicted to Eating But Not to Foods

What was Mother Nature thinking? Somehow our brains were created in a way that makes it possible to become addicted to substances such as heroin, cocaine, tobacco and alcohol. I assure you, this was not Mother Nature’s intention. Long before humans began to use these addictive substances, our brains were designed to foster the survival of our … Read More

Dis-Empower the Scale

Maybe you’ve had the experience of waking up one morning after several days of nutritious eating, energetic work-outs, and excitement about some compliments you received about the “glow” you seem to have lately since you have been paying more attention to your self-care.  You use the bathroom, strip down to your birthday suit, and step … Read More

Be On Your Best Breakfast Behavior!

Your mother always told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  However, despite this widely touted piece of conventional wisdom, less than half of Americans actually report regularly fueling their tanks in the morning. Further, if you are attempting to shed a few pounds, consuming that first meal takes on even … Read More

Below the Surface of a Binge

“Within dysfunction, there is function.” This is one of my favorite lines in psychology, from Marsha Linehan, PhD, the founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This line, so simply stated, says so much. It tells us that behaviors that appear dysfunctional, harmful, wrong, negative, abnormal, etc., have their own functional purpose underneath the unhealthy and possibly ”destructive”’ … Read More

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