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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Stop Should-ing on Yourself

I’ll admit it. I talk to myself. You talk to yourself too. In fact, we are all constantly talking to ourselves as thoughts run through our mind all day. We are not even aware of all of the thoughts that arise, and that’s fine. It wouldn’t be adaptive to pay attention to all your thoughts … Read More

The Pro-Ana Movement: Lifestyle or Deathstyle?

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” “Hunger hurts, but starving works.” “The difference between want and need is self-control.” “Without food I am beautiful. Without food I am perfect.” Welcome to the Pro-Ana movement, an underground cyberworld full of “thinspiration” –motivational tactics for extreme weight loss behaviors – targeting individuals in the depths of … Read More

Tips for Maintaining Your Motivation & Remaining on the Path of Healthy Weight Loss

“This will be the year!” you tell yourself. This will be the year that you finally start eating right, exercising, and losing those unwanted pounds for good. You concoct a detailed and somewhat elaborate plan, which includes cooking the majority of your meals at home, exercising daily at the local YMCA, and abstaining completely from … Read More

Busting the Myth About Muscle Weight

Myth: Muscle weighs more than fat Fact: One pound of muscle actually weighs the same as one pound of fat: they each weigh one pound! There are, however, two important differences between muscle tissue and fat tissue. For one, fat tissue is bulkier than muscle tissue, so it occupies more space under the skin. Thus, … Read More

Tolerating Discomfort

Most of us have an intense fear of being uncomfortable. In fact, we are taught to fear discomfort from infancy. As babies, our expressions of discomfort are adaptive. They inform our caretakers when we need to be fed, changed, or put down for a nap. A baby’s scream is built to be heart-wrenching to surrounding … Read More