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Ryan Benson’s 6 Week Update

Feeling good about your body and dieting aren’t always one and the same. It’s easy to think that committing to the latter will lead to increased vigor, loads of energy, and a better self-image, but dieting isn’t always that black and white.

I’ve been jumping in and out of different diets since junior high, and it’s rare that a specific plan truly makes me feel good about myself. Sure, dieting is a step you take to lose weight, but for me it tends to be something I do to look a certain way and appease others.

At Structure House, I learned that making good decisions is more important than sticking to a specific diet. It’s about not hitting the McDonald’s drive-thru five times a week or making something at home rather than giving into the craving of a 7-Eleven hot dog – not religiously following the diet of the week.

In this video, I check in six weeks after my stay at Structure House to talk about what makes me feel good about myself, what I avoid, and how we all should remember that self-confidence isn’t always a product of setting hard and fast rules about what we eat.

-Ryan Benson

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