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Ryan Benson’s 4 Week Update

It’s been four weeks since I started my journey at Structure House, and I’m feeling much healthier than I did a month ago. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the connection between your mental health and your physical health. I’m learning that it’s so important and necessary to get healthy on the inside before you can get healthy on the outside.

I know that just because a person is physically healthy doesn’t mean that they’re not struggling with their mental health. But Structure House is helping me understand that there is a powerful connection between your mental health and your physical health, and that caring for your mental health in conjunction with your physical health is essential in managing your weight.

Your mental health can have an overwhelming influence on how you view your body and other people’s bodies, and how you make choices. At Structure House, I have been learning how to heal what’s going on inside while continuing to exercise and make healthy food choices.

In this video, I talk about how improving my mental health has made such a positive impact on my weight loss journey. When you work to heal both your mental and physical health at the same time, you’re much more likely to experience long-term wellness.
e of healthy weight maintenance.

– Ryan Benson

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