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Ryan Benson’s Experience at Structure House

Ryan Benson, previous winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, visited Structure House and talks about his experience.

When you talk to most people about weight loss, the first things they think about are diet and exercise. These, of course, are important topics. Following a healthy nutrition plan and incorporating appropriate amounts of activity into your life are key components of a successful weight loss effort.

But long-term weight maintenance isn’t just about what you eat or how often you exercise. It’s about what’s going on in your mind, and why you’ve made the choices that brought you to this point in your life. Most importantly, it’s about what you can do to make the best choices for yourself.

At Structure House, I’ve been learning how my mind works. The Structure House team has been helping me understand the motivation behind my choices. Working with trainers, nutritionists, and counselors, I’ve been learning how to regain control of my life.

In this video, I talk about motivation, focus, and control. When you understand these concepts, and when you take ownership of your thoughts and actions, you can achieve long-term success.

-Ryan Benson


Be sure to check back here every 2 weeks for more updates from Ryan since he has left Structure House.

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