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Obesity doesn’t just affect the individual who is suffering; it affects their friends and family members too. Watching someone struggle to lose weight and suffer from the negative consequences of it can be very challenging and isolating. Family support services allow you to be an active participant in your friend’s or family member’s weight loss journey.  

The Importance of a Support System 

Having a strong support system can lead someone to be more successful on their weight loss journey. Research shows that adults who have support from friends, family, and coworkers are more likely to see improved weight management outcomes.  

Practically speaking, having family around for support can mean having someone there to care for kids, giving the person time to go to the gym, go for a walk, and participate in other weight loss efforts. More importantly, support from family and friends can also be emotionally encouraging. It can be scary thinking about moving into a residential weight management center. So having someone there whom you can trust, be motivated by, and bring along for the journey can make for a more comfortable and effective process. Family can also be an important motivator to lose weight, so having a family member there can remind someone of their goals.  

What to Expect as a Participating Family Member 

The person someone chooses to bring on their weight loss journey can be a friend, parent, spouse, or child who is mature enough. It’s important that the person who joins is willing to learn about healthy weight management and how to be a more effective member of their loved one’s support system.  

When you join a friend or family member on their weight loss journey at Structure House, you can share an apartment with them and participate in meals, activities, and workshops with them. This allows you to provide support, encouragement, and understanding throughout the process.  

What Is Included in Family Support 

We want to make sure that when you take advantage of family support options at Structure House, you are included in as much of the weight loss journey as possible. You can benefit from the following services: 

  • Fully furnished private apartments, with one- and two-bedroom options available 
  • Access to our fitness facility and outdoor pools 
  • Three meals each day, prepared by our chef 
  • Daily healthy snacks 
  • Lectures on topics such as nutrition, fitness, mental health, and general health 
  • Cooking demonstrations  

In addition to what is included in family support, friends and family members can also schedule their own sessions with our massage therapists and personal trainers. 

How to Get Started 

Whether supporting from a distance or joining your loved one for their stay at Structure House, having friends or family members there is very important, and we’re here to help you get started.  

The first step in getting help for a loved one is to make a call to our team. You’ll then be able to choose the customized services you or your family member needs, along with the family support add-on. Choosing the family support option is a fraction of the cost of the participant rate and can involve a daily or weekly rate.  

If you have questions about family support and our weight management services, contact our team today.  

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