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Articles by Alicen Cisco, MS, ACE, AEA

Exercise Physiologist

Alicen has been in the fitness industry for more than 35 years. She conducts fitness evaluations, leads exercise classes, and works with individual participants to achieve a variety of health and fitness outcomes. Alicen holds a Master of Science in rehabilitation counseling from East Carolina University and completed her internship at Duke University. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and fitness specialist.

Alicen is certified and trained in Pilates equipment and mat Pilates and also holds certifications as a rehabilitation specialist, AEA aquatics instructor, yoga instructor, Zumba instructor, and Drums Alive® instructor. She has been a member of the Structure House fitness team since 1995.

Holiday Workout Tips

Vary your workouts. Continuously doing the same workout can result in eventual burnout no matter how much you love it. Changing the exercise mode not only stimulates you and challenges you mentally, but physically your body is challenged in different ways. Your body can get acclimated to the same workout so that benefits and physical … Read More

Aqua Fitness

Aqua exercise is one of the best all-around exercise programs available today. The water enhances a vigorous workout as it protects against injury. Due to the water’s buoyancy, movement and flexibility are enhanced. The joints are supported and protected. This relative weightless feeling minimizes discomfort and cushions the body, allowing for aerobic movement that might … Read More

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