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Chief Executive Officer, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Katie Rickel graduated summa cum laude from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Florida. She completed an APA-accredited clinical internship in health psychology at Duke University Medical Center, with advanced training in behavioral and bariatric obesity treatment as well as the psychological management of chronic pain and illness. Dr. Rickel also has expertise in treating anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias. Her research has been presented at various professional conferences and published in scientific journals. Dr. Rickel has also appeared on “The Dr. Oz Show” and has been quoted in several popular media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Health magazine, Yahoo! Health, Women’s Health magazine, Weight Watchers magazine, and

Anxiety and Weight Gain

There is a strong relationship between anxiety and weight gain.  Especially during the months surrounding COVID-19, there has been increased attention given to this phenomenon.  There are several reasons why anxiety can lead to weight gain, weight gain can lead to anxiety, and then the vicious cycle can go on and on. In our culture, … Read More

Weight Loss Treatment Can Be a Silver Lining Amid Pandemic

One common headline during the COVID-19 pandemic relates to how obesity is a significant risk factor for suffering complications of the illness. Currently, scientists believe that the virus binds to fat cells. Using that logic, the more fat cells a person has, the more likely they are both to contract the disease and to have … Read More

What’s in a Meal Tracker?

Everyone is always looking for that magic bullet when it comes to weight loss. People usually suspect that it is some combination of foods, a certain exercise regimen, or a particular supplement that will guarantee lasting weight loss. However, decades of research have proven that there is one magic bullet that is more powerful than … Read More

What Is a Weight Loss Retreat?

Many participants at Structure House say that they have been researching “weight loss retreats” for years when they arrive at our campus. Whenever I hear this, I am always surprised by what they tell me when I ask them to define weight loss retreat. Some say that they expect to arrive at a live-in weight … Read More

Stop Should-ing on Yourself

I’ll admit it. I talk to myself. You talk to yourself too. In fact, we are all constantly talking to ourselves as thoughts run through our mind all day. We are not even aware of all of the thoughts that arise, and that’s fine. It wouldn’t be adaptive to pay attention to all your thoughts … Read More

The Pro-Ana Movement: Lifestyle or Deathstyle?

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” “Hunger hurts, but starving works.” “The difference between want and need is self-control.” “Without food I am beautiful. Without food I am perfect.” Welcome to the Pro-Ana movement, an underground cyberworld full of “thinspiration” –motivational tactics for extreme weight loss behaviors – targeting individuals in the depths of … Read More

Tips for Maintaining Your Motivation & Remaining on the Path of Healthy Weight Loss

“This will be the year!” you tell yourself. This will be the year that you finally start eating right, exercising, and losing those unwanted pounds for good. You concoct a detailed and somewhat elaborate plan, which includes cooking the majority of your meals at home, exercising daily at the local YMCA, and abstaining completely from … Read More

Busting the Myth About Muscle Weight

Myth: Muscle weighs more than fat Fact: One pound of muscle actually weighs the same as one pound of fat: they each weigh one pound! There are, however, two important differences between muscle tissue and fat tissue. For one, fat tissue is bulkier than muscle tissue, so it occupies more space under the skin. Thus, … Read More

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