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Cardio for Weight Loss

One big question that tends to arise for those trying to shed a few pounds: Is cardio for weight loss right for me? Although it may sound rather obvious, the impact of losing weight with cardio can vary from person to person.

Cardio is any kind of movement that elevates the heart rate, so for someone just starting to exercise, simply moving more regularly to get your blood pumping can be the type of cardio that leads to weight loss.

On the other hand, using cardio to lose weight may look very different for others. A person with no injuries or physical limitations might need a specific cardio regime. This plan with the goal of cardio for weight loss as the focus may be steered toward longer exercise intervals with an elevated heart rate. Some of the customizable factors, depending on the person, are the intensity, duration, and frequency of the cardio sessions.

At Structure House, we never suggest that you alter all three of these at once. That can result in an unsustainable training session as well as poor retention to your cardio for weight loss plan. Simply start by moving more and finding an activity you enjoy. Once you find that favorite form of cardio, set little goals for yourself and add on to the duration of that activity. Anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, three to five times per week, is a great general plan for your cardio for weight loss training program!

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About Katie Krasinski, MS, SCCC, Fitness Director

Katie Krasinski joined Structure House in 2019 as the Fitness Director. She oversees the day-to-day programming of the fitness center, conducts fitness evaluations, teaches lectures and exercise classes, and works with individuals to achieve a variety of health and fitness goals.

Katie’s specialties include clinical populations, programming around injuries, functional movement, balance and stability programs, strength training, and creating movement and exercise programs for weight loss and management. She is Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC), which is the gold standard for strength and conditioning on both the professional and collegiate levels.

The Pennsylvania native holds a Master of Science from Lock Haven University with a specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Katie conducted her capstone research at Structure House which was titled “Individual appraisals of adverse childhood experiences: the influence of resiliency and coping strategies on weight loss management outcomes”.

While Katie completed her Bachelors at Lock Haven, she was a professional intern at Structure House, Green Mountain at Fox Run in Vermont and the University of Maryland. While she was at Maryland, she focused on strength and conditioning with Olympic sports and was mentored by a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Katie’s knowledge, compassion, creativity, and energy will enhance your Structure House experience!

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